Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parenthood at it's Finest

Monday night, Astrid didn't sleep very well. I was up with her for several hours in the night, and so I was pretty tired by Tuesday night. David helped make it possible for me to go to bed early and slept on the couch with Astrid, so I could get as much undisturbed sleep as I could. I was almost asleep when I heard, "Momma...MOMMA, MOMMA!" coming from David. I struggled out of bed and into the living room. 

Anders was there with David, both of them frozen in place. Anders had thrown up all over the floor, and David's pajamas pants, and the sheet and blanket David had on the couch. I grabbed everything we would need to clean up the living room, started the shower and went to grab Anders and carry him to the shower because his feet were covered in throw-up. 

David cleaned up the living room. Anders stayed in the shower while he cleaned up, and I cuddled Astrid, who had been colicky all day long. 

David came back to grab Astrid, put Anders back in bed and I started winding back down for sleep. Until a few minutes later when Anders started screaming for his dad cause he felt like he was going to throw-up again. I dragged myself out of bed, and made a make-shift bed for Anders in the living room, so he could get his Dad's help without screaming and waking me or Bram up every time.

Anders threw-up one more time and passed out. Unfortunately, Anders and Bram both talk a lot in their sleep and loudly. So Anders kept sleep-talking, but he would call for his Dad in the sleep-talking, so David didn't have a very good night sleep.

I was stilled wiped out from the night before, and got some sleep, but not enough to feel caught up. David planned to give me a second undisturbed night, which I desperately needed after another long day of Astrid screaming most the time she was awake, all day. So we almost had the boys ready for bed last night and Anders comes and puts his head on my shoulder. He NEVER does that. So I feel his forehead. He has a slight fever. We give him medicine and David gives him a priesthood blessing. David also gives Astrid a priesthood blessing to help her with whatever is going on. 

Now, today, we have her two-month shots. Heaven help us! Keep us in your prayers.

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