Monday, April 14, 2014

Astrid's Communication Skills

Shock/hurt: if she gets scared or hurt she has her saddest cry that just breaks your heart.

Tummy ache/colick cry: This cry is more of a scream and our least favorite and most often heard.

Hungry grumble: it almost sounds like she is "oinking".

Cooing/talking: She is a chatterbox.

Complain: She is hilarious with this one. She will have her mouth wide open, and scrunch her face and make "wah" sounds over and over again.

I have started to see a huge difference in having an infant girl. She is so much more interactive than her brothers were at this stage and she is much farther along with her motor skills. She has been able or purposefully grab her Dad's hands. She is so fun too. She doesn't just demand I hold her, she also makes it clear that she expects me to make eye-contact and talk with her. My boys NEVER demanded that.

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