Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blonde jokes aside: this is hilarious!

People are always making fun of blonde's in jokes. Unfortunately they are grossly inaccurate most of the time. So I think there should be a mass exodus to Diabetic jokes. Or we should all just laugh at the real stories of Diabetics. Or maybe just this one:

This morning, I woke up at 7:10 a.m. with an extremely low blood sugar. At 7:17 a.m. I emailed my professor to let him know I that I wasn't going to make it to class this morning. This is the email I sent:

"Please excuse my absence this morning (name of the professor). For reasons beyond my immediate circumstance, the economy is falling. I don't anticipate any larges from apparitions that we're concerned about it. Please let me know: I know She-Hulk has the strength of 10 shows.

Your student,

-name withheld"

I sent another email to the same professor about 2 minutes later. It read:

"That last email had my summer tile incorrectly displayed in the credits.

-name withheld"

When I finally came around, I called him to explain. He couldn't stop laughing.

Me: Oh hey (name of professor)...It's [name withheld]...did you get my emails this morning?
Prof: I sure did! (Starts laughing)
Me: Yeah...umm....I'm a type 1 uh, I had low blood sugar, and I was in no condition to come to class...
Prof: (Still laughing)
Me: Uhhh....Yeah, wouldn't you know? Apparently She-Hulk has the strength of 10 shows...
Prof: (Laughing harder)
Me: Well, anyways, I was wondering what we covered in class today so I can make sure my reading is current for Wednesday...
Prof: (Starts choking on his lunch, still laughing)
Prof: Oh man! I'm dying! I sent you an email!

One of the many upsides of having a dead pancreas, obviously.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 days...5 nights

We finally made it to Canada. Our trip was long but was surprisingly do-able. Anders was such a trooper! He didn't really cry at all the entire trip. He had the rare whine when he wanted to hold mom or dad's hand, but was good to go once he was holding on.

I actually think that he did better than I did. He wasn't pregnant of course. And he didn't have to share his limited seat space with Camrose. Or have Camrose's tail wrap around his legs, or have her body push his feet into awkward positions. Actually, I think he would have enjoyed that!

Speaking of Camrose, she was our biggest struggle of the trip. The poor thing ran into accident after accident. At our first hotel she had a horribly gross bowel accident. The second day of our trip she sheared off one of her nails by accident. It was a gory and bloody mess in the car.

Anders also had some accidents in the car. He soaked through at least two diapers/outfits a day. He also decided to go number 2 in the middle of David changing his diaper in the cab of the truck. This was while David was digging out a new diaper and Anders' was completely uncovered and standing up on the seat. Yeah, it was gross. Haha. So glad David handled that one. It was only fair after I had to hold Camrose's bloody/hurt paw for over two hours.

We loved experiencing some states we had never been to before. I fell in love with Indiana and Pennsylvania. I loved the greenery and large foliage everywhere. I was very disappointed with Illinois.
The drivers were incredibly rude and the construction was poorly managed (of course tainting our experience there). New York was out of control with all of it's laws and ill-kept toll roads. I think we ended up spending over $70 dollars on toll roads to get here. Blows my mind.

We LOVE our new apartment! It is not quite home, but we have our list of what we need to get done over the next three weeks (especially before David starts school) to make it home. Things weren't feeling much different in Montreal to me, than say living in Provo, until we went to the grocery store today. Everything is in French and there are so many unfamiliar brands. I couldn't figure out what bread was what because it was all in French! Meat and cheese are also sooooooooo expensive here. Cheese is almost double the cost of what it was in Provo, and we got 4 chicken breasts for the price of a 5lb bag of frozen chicken breasts from Sam's club. I got to learn me some French, like now.

We found a car. It is a silver 2007 Malibu. We will pick it up from the Toronto Mission on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. They have to take it in to replace the brakes on Monday, which is great because now we know we will have brand new brakes. David's parents purchased a 2006 Malibu from the Montreal Mission and we love their car. This will only be the 4th car we have had since we got married 4 years ago. We are now on our fourth cell phones too. Luckily this is the first time we have moved!

So everyone who cares and reads our blog: We are safe, happy, tired and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of us in Montreal!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quit Spitting on Me Zues!

David and I were having a random conversation the other day about some really strange fringe religions out there (he brought up Scientology as an example). I told him that these modern fringe religions weren't any more strange than Greek Mythology, where they created gods for everything. He said, "Ya, like rain is really supposed to be Zues crying!?" Not exactly what I meant, but alright.

So later that same day we were walking outside and it started to rain lightly. David calls it "spitting". I look up at the sky and point my finger in disgust as I yell out, "Quit spitting on me Zues!"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cake Face

Anders turned one-year-old yesterday!!! He was an angel the entire day! Lots of giggles, lots of food, but most of all we had lots of fun! We started the day by having brunch at IHOP (we wanted to go to Kneader's but we all slept in so we didn't make it in time). Anders got to have pancakes and apple juice for the first time. He preferred the pancakes without syrup, believe it or not!

Then we drove up to Salt Lake City to go to the Hogle Zoo. We had no idea that EVERYONE and their mom would be at the zoo. It was perfect for Anders though because he loves to watch people, probably more than he liked seeing the animals.

He had a chance to play in the sand at the kid's dig site. He only succeeded in eating the sand twice.

He also was fascinated by some teenagers that were nearby eating their pizza. He was basically drooling as he slowly made his way over to them to beg for some of their pizza, this was while we were spooning him some great tasting mixed veggies with whole wheat...what? We are feeding him the good stuff.

Don't worry. Later we went to the Cheesecake Factory and he got to pig out on pasta and marinara sauce, a lot of bread, cheese puffs. We held off letting him eat his chocolate cake until we got home so the rest of his food had some time to digest. It is a good thing we did too, because he pigged out on his cake!

When we got home he played with his new piano. We walked to the store to get him some balloons. What is a first birthday without them? It was the perfect birthday for our cheerful, social one-year-old. Who also happens to be the cutest stinking one-year-old in the whole entire world!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spaghetti Face

Anders had spaghetti for the very first time on Thursday night when we went to the Macaroni Grill. Needless to say, he LOVED it!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell Y Mountain

So David and I are now both officially college graduates from BYU. I have my BA in English and he finally has his BS in Mechanical Engineering. Here are some precious shots from his big day. Mine are not included because I graduated in December.

Anders is attentively watching the ceremony. This is one of my favorite pictures of Anders to date. (Shout out to Uncle Sam for catching it)

David is shaking hands with all those important people you only meet momentarily on the day you graduate. They are legit.

My cute graduate looking over to where I was standing with Anders. He is obviously pleased with his accomplishments. I had to run in order to catch him walking on the stage. I was waiting behind the stage because I wanted David to do a real smile for his picture right before getting his name called, and knew the only way he would was if I was there to help him. They rushed him through so fast that he ended up making a super goofy face for his professional shot. LAME!

Blue and White Family. Anders may be a cougar some day. Perhaps some more brainwashing will ensure it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE both their expressions in this photo. They are two of a kind.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canada...hope you can handle us!

So the verdict is finally in and we have decided on graduate school and work for the summer. David will be programming for the local newspaper so we will be staying put for the summer, but in August we will be heading to, drum roll please:

McGill in Montreal, Canada.

We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives! We have been patiently waiting to find out where we would be for the next four/five years of our lives, and are relieved to finally be able to start making plans.

Anders is adorable squared plus infinity. He is constantly making us laugh. He has this little throat giggle that he does when he thinks he found out a secret. He laughs like a tickle me Elmo doll, but only for momma and she has to work really hard to get him to do it. He has decided that he is a big boy and will walk by himself when we go on walks. Boy, he has got a mind of his own!

He is now wanting to try everything we are eating. Okay, so he wanted to do that from the beginning, but now he is big enough that we are able to let him eat almost everything that we eat.

Anders favorite game is chase. He loves it when we say "I'm gonna get you!" (over and over again) while we chase him through the house. He giggles the entire time he tries to walk/run away. He still walks with his hands up in the air about ear level.

His nickname has emerged. Momma calls him "BUBBAS" and Daddy has picked up on the nickname creating his own short version "BUBS". He LOVES this nickname.

He also LOVES to "HELP" Daddy fold the laundry. He runs over the minute he sees Daddy start and grabs clothes to throw on the ground by Daddy, or in the other room, or he'll chew on an item of clothing while he tromps around the house.

He has discovered Camrose's dog food and is fond of its flavor. If he has an itching for something to snack on he has figured out that is the first place to go. Fortunately, he has only ever had one piece and I was able to get it out of his mouth before swallowing. But I will never forget the pleased look on his face as he was sucking on the one piece and enjoying (a little too much for my liking) the flavor.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anders wanted to eat so bad when we were going to be eating so we put down his food for him to try to feed himself... Here are the results:

The final: When he had worked on it, we fed him some of it and then let him work on it some more and then we gave him more. He ended up like this...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Signature Dance Move

Anders has found his signature dance move, thanks to the theme song of his young life. And which song would that be? The theme song of the television show BONES. (I know, right? What the? Of all the songs he would love...) David and I have been on a BONES kick, so Anders has been hearing the theme song quite regularly for the past several weeks. He now stops whatever he is doing and starts his signature dance move, be it sitting down, laying down or even in a crawling position. He NEVER passes up the opportunity to get his groove on. Except maybe for food.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

That After Marriage Wooing Stuff

David ordered me a beautiful bouquet of flowers over two weeks ago. I have never been a huge flower lover, but I think this bouquet allowed for a change of heart. It had lilies, red roses, and another pink flower (I tried looking it up but with the number of flowers out there, it would have taken hours). I am not that big of an enthusiast...yet. So when the bouquet came it was gorgeous, but just another bouquet to me. What I didn't realize was how many lilies would begin to bloom in the bouquet over the next two weeks. It was so exciting to watch!!! I have never had so much fun watching flowers slowly bloom in my life. The bouquet eventually exploded into this huge array of lilies. The new problem for David is now I want new beautiful flowers to watch ALL THE TIME.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The video says it all...

No Title needed...

He has done this about 4-5 times this week but tonight it kind of clicked. Longest was about 5-6 steps into nothingness toward either momma, Natalie, or daddy. He is getting it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I hope they call me on a mission...

Anders just looks so cute in his white shirt and ties. This is his second tie (a clip on... one day he will be able to tie it...) and it matches his daddy. He looks like a little missionary in training.

But when he 'gets home', he is totally willing and ready to dress down a little...
The always fashionable shirt-no-tie-no-pants:

Friday, February 18, 2011

I like to eat squid...


Anders' great grandma got him A TON of bath toys. He has all sorts of little animal toys that shoot water, things that float and stack, a fish net to catch the toys, etc. Of all these wonderful toys, Anders' favorite one is the squid. For real? You can see the reason why below:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Help! I'm stuck!

David here:

So I put Anders down in the living room by the table to let him play with his stuff that is along the edges and walk around a little. I went into the kitchen to finish 2 bites of pizza that I was having for lunch.

All of a sudden, I hear this call for momma. Anders has started calling mamamamama when he is unhappy with anything (diaper changes, tired, hurt, hungry...) so I come running in thinking he needs help and here is what I find.

He was calling because he walked around the chair to the far side and then got stuck as he tried to go around the back on the way back. So cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ketchup and Mustard

So I am always highly entertained when David tries to dress Anders for the day. He always asks before he starts to dress Anders, if I mind what he chooses for him to wear. Most of the time, I am sure to pick out clothes in advance. So yesterday David brought Anders out in this outfit and was shocked when I told him it didn't really match. He said, "But it is ketchup and mustard! They always go together!" I was laughing so hard. Like I said earlier, it is always highly entertaining and now I know that David uses food to help him decide whether or not clothes can go together.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Anders has had a few minor injuries since he was born, but nothing even close to the one below. I admit I was mad a David because I felt like it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Anders was sitting up on our bed while I was doing my hair for church. David sat down on the edge of the bed which gave Anders enough leverage to propel himself forward. His nose scraped the baseboard and this was the result. It makes me laugh to look at the pictures now because if you look closely, the raw skin looks like the Y on the mountain by BYU. Maybe that is his destiny? (hehehe).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with the Bilodeau's

This year we hosted the Bilodeau family for Christmas at our place. We focused on having lots of good food and treats and also spending as much time as possible together as a family. This was our first year having Christmas with a baby! So it goes without saying that it was our best Christmas yet. We didn't get many pictures (we are just as bummed as you are) because most of our time we would have been, David and I were cooking in the kitchen. So here is what we got. We captured all the present opening on video, those will follow shortly. Enjoy!

Christmas Morning

Momma's best present

First Bilodeau Christmas with all the clan in 8 years

Grandpa and Anders