Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell Y Mountain

So David and I are now both officially college graduates from BYU. I have my BA in English and he finally has his BS in Mechanical Engineering. Here are some precious shots from his big day. Mine are not included because I graduated in December.

Anders is attentively watching the ceremony. This is one of my favorite pictures of Anders to date. (Shout out to Uncle Sam for catching it)

David is shaking hands with all those important people you only meet momentarily on the day you graduate. They are legit.

My cute graduate looking over to where I was standing with Anders. He is obviously pleased with his accomplishments. I had to run in order to catch him walking on the stage. I was waiting behind the stage because I wanted David to do a real smile for his picture right before getting his name called, and knew the only way he would was if I was there to help him. They rushed him through so fast that he ended up making a super goofy face for his professional shot. LAME!

Blue and White Family. Anders may be a cougar some day. Perhaps some more brainwashing will ensure it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE both their expressions in this photo. They are two of a kind.

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