Sunday, December 5, 2010

Buddha Baby

We took Anders to his six month appointment this past week. We expected him to weigh more than he did, but he is definitely still a large child. He is the height of an average nine-month-old, the weight of an average one-year-old, and his head is the size of a 13/14-month-old.

He is sitting up on his own now. He is wanting to crawl, but still working to build up his arm muscles. He LOVES to stand. He is dying to eat big people food but gags whenever we actually give him any. He is starting to do well with eating rice cereal, but he doesn't really like to. It was the exact same struggle we had to get him to start nursing! AH! We are now saving up to buy a Champion Juicer. We want it to puree our own baby food for Anders. Our friends used theirs to make us some frozen pineapple puree. It tasted like pineapple ice cream! It was AMAZING! So we are now converted. Hence the saving up.

Some other great news from the week:

Syd finally got the grade from her last class that she finished before Thanksgiving. She got an A. We celebrated with her favorite sugar cookies from THE CHOCOLATE.

Three of David's graduate school applications are complete and submitted. The fourth he will mail out this week. So now we just wait to hear and we are hoping that he will qualify for early consideration at all of the schools. He made the deadline for early consideration at BYU.