Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holding Two Babies at Once

So ever since my nephew, Nathan Edward Morin, was born one month and one day ago...I have been helping his mom (my sister) with him. I can't do much with Anders getting so big inside of me, but I will say that it is a strange sensation holding my nephew and holding my own baby (he's still baking in the oven aka inside). It gets pretty crowded for my poor body.

Updates with Anders and pregnancy: I am now over six months pregnant which is so fun because it means that everyone can now tell that I am very much pregnant. Starting to get that extra fat for childbirth, not my favorite but a recognized necessity. Anders is now a bigger busy body and so he has the ability to keep me up A LOT at night. Every time I find a position that is finally comfortable enough for me to sleep in, Anders decides that it is not comfy for him, and so he lets me have it in the organs until I move to make it more comfy for him. It is getting me ready for the after birth no sleep cycle I am sure. He is still a week ahead in his growth and my uterus also measured half a week ahead. Hopefully that means he will come a little early, because I am really starting to feel the "weight" of being pregnant.

Updates with school: I was able to get things squared away to graduate in August. Still plugging through my incompletes, but I am getting major assignments completed. I can't predict when I am feeling productive, and so I just make sure I have a list ready to go of things I need to get done, so when I do randomly have the energy and focus to get some school work done, I do!

I am now officially super excited for my baby boy to come! Helping Tracy and watching her with Nathan has helped to get me more ready for Anders. She is so patient with her new baby, I watch and am exhausted just watching. I am relieved to know that once Anders is out of me, he won't be sucking all of the energy out of me anymore...well, he will, but just not as much. I can't wait for energy again! It will be so nice to be up for playing and going on walks without waddling, etc...

That is the most recent with us. Hope you find it interesting! I sure do!