Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday we were at a friend's house for FHE and the kids were all playing out back while the adults were talking inside. Anders kept coming in and yelling at his dad (since he always is yelling or shouting almost everything he says): "YOU [pointing directly at David] Ow-side. Ow-side, YOU!" He then did the same things with me this morning. I got a video of it that I will try to upload later today.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trip to Wally World

We split up in Walmart to get the shopping done because Saturday is the busiest day at Walmart on the Southshore. Anders was walking with me. David and Bram had the cart. We got the item Anders and I were looking for and took off to the other side of the store to find David. We didn't find him where we thought he would be, so Anders and I go to grab the deodorant I knew was on the list and called David to find out where he was. He was a couple of aisles over in the Pharmacy. I hand the deodorant to Anders and told him we needed to go find Dad. He immediately starts yelling, "Daddy!" at the top of his lungs. He was about ten steps or so behind me when I turn around to him making the spritzing noise and pretending to rub the deodorant under his arms. He then holds out the deodorant to a random guy we are passing and makes the spritzing sound towards him. I love our Walmart trips!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Anders

June 8 - We updated all the pictures on our living room wall last night. Anders was very pleased to see him and Bram all over the wall. There is one picture in the middle of Christ and right underneath it is a picture of me and David. I was asking Anders to tell me who was in the picture as I was pointing to the picture of me and David. He looks up and says, "Jesus Christ, amen" while looking at the picture of Jesus above us.

June 9 - This morning Anders was pretending to count Bram's fingers. I asked him how many fingers were on my hand, while holding my right hand up to him. He counts all four and then proclaims "FOUR!" I then asked him how many thumbs were on that hand. He immediately yells, "ONE!" He really is such a smarty pants.

June 8 - Bram really really wants to be a thumb sucker. He is ALWAYS putting his hand to his mouth, and so we have to constantly be on the watch to shove his pacifier in before he finds his thumb. He found his thumb today and I got a hilarious video but it won't upload. Bram was only able to suck on his thumb by have all of his fingers extended and grabbing his cheek as his thumb was hooked into his mouth. It was so funny. As he was watching me laugh at him, he kept giving me huge grins that made him lose his thumb. He would concentrate and furrow his brow to try to get it into his mouth again. I really don't want him to be a thumb sucker because it is so much harder to break than a pacifier. BUT it could also be nice because it would mean we wouldn't have to wake every hour in the night to give him his pacifier...What to do? What to do?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snippets of Anders

Alright friends, here is the deal. I haven't written on the blog forever because the only good ideas I have for things here come to me when I am falling asleep at night and I can never remember them in the morning. Then there is that whole problem of having two kids that don't give me much time or access to the computer. (I am not complaining, I LOVE being with my boys). So I have been sending these little snippets of Anders to my parents and parents-in-law to keep them in the loop with the every-day doings of my very bright and silly kid. My mom suggested that I blog these stories. I thought, "But I am already sending them to the people they are meant for." But then I realized that I do have friends who might appreciate these little stories too. So here you go. I have not forgotten you.

May 17 - We took the bus and metro to visit David up at school so he could introduce his fellow graduate students to Bram. We were waiting at the bus stop when a bus pulled up at a different stop across the street. Anders LOVES buses in general, but also LOVES riding them. When he saw the bus across the street he started screaming "BUS! BUS! BUS! BUS!" at the top of his lungs. I told him that it wasn't our bus, we were waiting for a different one. He looked thoughtful for a second, not taking his eyes off the bus across the street, and then started yelling, "Hurry! Run!" (while motioning wildly with his arms). He was adamant that we ride THAT bus! 

May 29 - We rode the bus to David at the Metro station. The weather was very hot and muggy when we left, not a cloud in sight. Then a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in on our way home. Luckily, David had his windbreaker and he covered him and Bram and ran home ahead of us in the pouring rain. The bus stop is about 5 minutes from our house. Anders stepped off the bus and started giggling immediately as he began to get soaked by the downpour. We didn't stop laughing the entire way home as we ran through rivers of water. I have NEVER seen him so completely and gleefully happy. When we finally made it home after ten minutes of getting soaked through and through, Anders exclaimed, "AGAIN!"

June 5 - When we finished eating dinner last night, Anders put his fork and plate on top of mine. I got up and put them in the sink. When I turned around Anders was holding out the salt shaker to me and pointing to where I needed to put it away. So I did. I turned around again and he hands me the next item to go in the cupboard. As I put it in the cupboard it hit me that Anders totally got me without me realizing it! David is usually the first one done at dinner and so he is always clearing off the table. He tried to take over once we started to giggle after realizing how smooth Anders had been in getting me to do it instead. Anders insisted that I needed to finish the job by handing me the last item on the table, even though David was closer to where it needed to go. Then he looked at David and explained that David needed to thank me for clearing off the table. I wonder who the boss is at our house...

June 5 - Anders has been repeating prayers for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday he started to end his prayers on his own without needing to be prompted for every word. The only hiccup with this is when he hears the word "the" when he is repeating his prayer or his scripture verse he jumps to "name of Jesus Christ, amen!" with a pleased smile on his face. So we went to cuddle and read "The Giving Tree" (our nightly routine before bed) and I asked him to help me read it. I prompted by saying "The..." and he interjects, "name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!" Of course he would!