Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anders wanted to eat so bad when we were going to be eating so we put down his food for him to try to feed himself... Here are the results:

The final: When he had worked on it, we fed him some of it and then let him work on it some more and then we gave him more. He ended up like this...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Signature Dance Move

Anders has found his signature dance move, thanks to the theme song of his young life. And which song would that be? The theme song of the television show BONES. (I know, right? What the? Of all the songs he would love...) David and I have been on a BONES kick, so Anders has been hearing the theme song quite regularly for the past several weeks. He now stops whatever he is doing and starts his signature dance move, be it sitting down, laying down or even in a crawling position. He NEVER passes up the opportunity to get his groove on. Except maybe for food.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

That After Marriage Wooing Stuff

David ordered me a beautiful bouquet of flowers over two weeks ago. I have never been a huge flower lover, but I think this bouquet allowed for a change of heart. It had lilies, red roses, and another pink flower (I tried looking it up but with the number of flowers out there, it would have taken hours). I am not that big of an enthusiast...yet. So when the bouquet came it was gorgeous, but just another bouquet to me. What I didn't realize was how many lilies would begin to bloom in the bouquet over the next two weeks. It was so exciting to watch!!! I have never had so much fun watching flowers slowly bloom in my life. The bouquet eventually exploded into this huge array of lilies. The new problem for David is now I want new beautiful flowers to watch ALL THE TIME.