Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bladder Control

Or lack thereof. David was drying Astrid after her shower and she peed all over him. The best part is that it looked like David had peed himself. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kids Say The Funniest Things


Mistappeared (disappeared)
Conteevee (T.V.)
Fromote (remote)

"It's trying to bite me" (Anders about some slight spice in a meal brought to us)
"Giddyuck." (Pretending to ride a horse)

Anders has started to express his displeasure when things don't go his way, "I am mad that you don't let me play minion game on your iPad." It is such a welcome change from tantrums. He will tell his dad that he is mad AT him, but he only ever tells me that he is mad ABOUT something. I am grateful for that since I spend everyday all day with him.


I not either
Say goodbye either
(He adds either to the end of sentences when he doesn't want to so something)

Me: It's time for you to go get in bed.
Bram: Cuddle for little bit. (While holding up one finger). 

Me: I need to go make lunch.
Bram: Okay. You go make lunch and I will eat it.

Bram: Have some of ors [yours], one sip, small sip?

Bram picked this outfit out for his sister that has a berry on the shirt, and a berry on the bum of the pants. Every time she wears said outfit, he comes up to me five or six times while she is nursing and says, "Mom, baby have berry on her bum." The best part is the reason he picked the outfit is because one of his favorite movies is "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2".

Do you think she looks more like Bram or Anders?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Penguin Pajamas

Me: David, let's get a picture of Bram and Astrid in their penguin pajamas.

Anders: Can I be in the picture too?

Me: Sure!

David: We just have to get Astrid to look the right way. (Entrance of David's hand)

Me: Bram, put your legs down bud. Anders, you need to cover your belly.

David: (insert of hand again)

Me: Anders, put your finger away. 

And here we end with a semi-decent picture. I hope taking pictures of the three of them gets easier as they get older.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I had written a long post about the birth and was starting to write up a few of the funny stories/adjustments when I pushed an undo button by accident and it erased everything. So maybe I will get around to the birthing story again, another day.

Bram is fascinated by my nursing of Astrid. He says every time, "eating from your apples!" Alright then. He also will come over and pat her gently on the head while saying, "be gentle" over and over again.

Anders is obsessed with his baby sister. He can't kiss her enough and he is always telling her how beautiful she is. He also calls my staples (from my incision) my "simples". He also likes to hold his sister and stroke her head softly while singing her "I Am A Child of God". The very first time he held her in the hospital, he started singing to her without any prompting from us, and we caught it on video. 

The strangest thing for David and I about coming home, was how big Bram suddenly was. He was still our baby when we left, but after two days with a newborn, he was suddenly ginormous to us. It is still blowing our minds.

Astrid is a beautiful baby and adds a very calming spirit to our home. She is really easy-going and rarely complains. She makes lots of funny noises, including sounding like a whimpering puppy, but only if she is with her dad. She sleeps A LOT, so we are not too deliriously tired. She also spends a lot of time awake during the day, more than either of her brothers did at her age. Maybe it is because of how loud they are...

Things are great here! We love our family of five and are so grateful for our Astrid Jessica June.