Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remember Me?

It has been WAY TOO LONG since I last updated our blog, but I am sure you will be much more understanding once you know why. Since moving to Canada, this pregnancy has been a huge roller coaster. The humidity difference here made my first trimester even worse than the last one. I was throwing up constantly. Then the throwing up stopped, but the nausea never went away. David started graduate school the week after we arrived, and started working from home. I wasn't used to having him around so much but not having any access to him. That was a hard adjustment. We finally got into the swing of things about midway through his semester, when my doctor ordered me to stop holding Anders, like ever. Then just before Christmas we learned that Bram (baby in oven) was pushing for premature labor so I was ordered into bed rest. After Christmas it looked like things were getting better until I started to exhibit pre-cursers for pre-eclampsia again. That stressed me out beyond belief because I didn't want to have a seizure or something while David was at school and I was home alone with Anders. So I really wasn't supposed to do anything, as well as cut out salt from my diet to help lower my blood pressure. Turns out that Bram is also breech. My babies don't want me to experience labor I guess. I thought with being borderline pre-eclampsic again my doctor would let me do a c-section early...cause really what is the point of having a c-section if you don't get to skip a few weeks, right? Nope. Not this doctor. She wants Bram to stay in as long as possible. So I got an ultrasound last week, and he is measuring 8lb 10oz right now. Most likely he will be over 10lbs by the time my scheduled c-section happens the 24th (only 2 days before his due date). I think that has been the hardest thing for me. My doctor is making me carry this huge baby full-term and making me take medications that make it so that I haven't had a nausea free day this entire pregnancy. AND she told me to cut out sugar from my diet too. Um, cut out the only stress reliever I have?

Everyone is making suggestions as to what I can do to help pass the next two weeks (read, write, etc...). The problem, all the suggestions are things that Anders will not let me do. So I will just continue to watch him without resentment, hope that Bram will spare me a lot of the after birth drama I had with Anders because he will be full-term, and take it one day at a time.

The only reason I had a chance to catch you all up on the past six months is because I am not allowed to go to church, so I am home alone for 4 hours on Sundays.

Things I want to remember about Anders right now:

Whenever Bram kicks and it hurts I say "ouch" and no matter where Anders is in the house you hear his little voice say "ouch" back to me.

I have cried a few times the end of the pregnancy despite myself, and Anders gets so concerned he comes and says "sorry" over and over again, while holding my hand or massaging my arm. So sweet!

He really wants to talk so he has started to mimicking a lot of what we say. He still can't make a 'k' sound, so he uses a 'z' sound instead. We were eating lunch today and we would both say "yum, tasty" after each bite. A lot of times he calls me bama, instead of mama. But he can say butt paste, button, purple, and tons of other words without any problems.

I ask Anders who is in my belly and he says Bam. I then ask what is Bram, and he attempts to say brother.

He is absorbing sign language like you wouldn't believe. He can sign: ball, milk, water, mom, dad, more, have, shoes, same, (he made up his own sign for sip), again, excuse me.

Anders was asking for something the other day, and I was making him use signs and words. So I told him to sign have. He did. Then I told him to say 'some'. He smiles huge and holds up his thumb while saying thumb. I also am trying to teach him "I love you". I tell him to say "I" and he does while pointing to his eyes. I am still  not sure what he is saying when he says "love".

When he colors, he makes you draw stuff and then he scribbles and says he is drawing the same things you are drawing.

He loves looking at books and learning about stuff and new words. He has gotten down a lot of animal sounds, except monkey. Ooo eee ahh ahh sounds like a giggle to him so he will giggle to make a monkey noise.

I really wish I could remember everything about him right now because he literally makes me laugh out loud a hundred times a day. He has got such a great sense of humor.

I know this doesn't quite make up for six months of nothing, but I hope the update helps fill in the gaps for those of you that care. Love you all!