Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be Nice!

I was pretending to eat Bram's nose and Anders turns to me and says, "Be nice to my brother."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hairdo and Naken

Anders: "I'm naken mom!"

Monday, January 7, 2013


Bram has very suddenly changed from a baby into his own and quite hilarious, independent person. He can sign and say "all done" very clearly and purposefully. He is also demanding to eat our food at meal times. He can also say mama and dada. Remember how he is only ten months. He also has started doing imitations. Tonight I was stretching, quite loudly, and next thing I know Bram was copying me, grunts and all. It was too much. So I did it again. And he copied me again. Hilarious!

For FHE we did our lesson on how we are all children of God.David asked Anders if Momma was a child of God. He said yes. He continued to ask if Dad, Bram and Anders were children of God. Anders replied in the affirmative. Then Anders exclaimed, "Grandpa is a child of God!" We agreed. He paused and then followed up, "Grandma is a child of God!" I think tonight's lesson was a success.

We do play dates a couple times a week with a family from our ward. They have two girls the same age as our two boys. Anders is best friends with their daughter Angeline. They called tonight to see if we were coming tomorrow. While I was talking to the mom, Angeline was insisting on talking to Anders. Angeline, whom Anders calls "Jaleen", is a chatterbox. She didn't stop talking, but Anders was very attentive and occasionally responded with an "alright." He is hilarious too. My kids are just too much!

Oh, and then there was family prayer tonight. It was my turn and Anders was telling me I needed to pray Jesus, and 'eavenly Fahzer (Heavenly Father), and Naysan (Nathan), and Jaleen. I was laughing so hard that finally David said he would say it. Anders kept interrupting David saying it was Momma's turn. The more David persisted in praying, the more Anders persisted that it was my turn. I just love that kid! So we had two family prayers tonight. Awesome!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I do it!

Here are a few phrases I hear dozens of times a day from Anders:

"Give me kiss. One kiss."

"I do it!" Or "I can't do it."

"I so sorry"

"Just one minute, I be right back, okay?"

"You stay here."

"I need momma."

"Hold you."

"Great job!"

"Cuddle with you for a second?"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We Safe!

Anders kept repeating this over and over as we were cuddling in the dark, in his room, before bed:

"I so sorry. No monsters, or alligators, or dragons. I safe. You safe. We safe. Daddy's safe. No monsters, or alligators or dragon eat daddy. He's safe. I so sorry."

What was that all about? Guess it doesn't matter because we are all safe. Except for Bram?