Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Child Four (attention: not a pregnancy announcement)

Me: "Goodness child!"

Anders: "I not a child. I'm a boy."

Me: "You are a child too."

Anders: "I am a child four."

I am still giggling about this conversation. I thought he would say something about how he is a child of God. I LOVE how his mind works.

The shiner under his eye is from him diving into the asphalt. I don't recommend it.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Bram: "When I grow bigger I going to have a baby in my tummy."
Me: "You can't have a baby because you are not a girl."
Bram: "Ahhhh. I never going to have one before."

Bram: "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Morning Mind of Anders

"I think there is a rocket on the earth to take us to the moon."

"I am fretending [pretending] this is a rocket" as he motioned to the house.

"Mom! I sink you got three legs!" I had one leg folded under my other and Anders was sitting on my lap.

"Duck your head like ducks Mom! You aren't ducking your head! You are going to crash into the roof!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boys and Cinderella

We were reading Cinderella tonight, and when we were on the final page Bram said, "LOOK MOM! SHE'S SUPER! SHE CAN FLY!"* He was pointing to her veil. Anders proceeded to correct him, "No Bram. People don't fly. She is a people so she can't fly." Anders doesn't buy the whole superhero thing. Both of my boys still call Spider-Man "superman", even though I correct them every single time. 

*If you didn't know already, Bram speaks in one volume. SHOUT. So from now on, most posts quoting him will be in all caps in order to convey a more accurate depiction of what these conversations with him are like.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vacuum Trauma/Drama

"I want to be the winner on my own." - Anders 

Anders loves to vacuum with the DustBuster. I sent him to vacuum the bathroom floor because he wanted to do more after finishing the living room. He starts screaming frantically. David brings him down the hall a minute later so I can calm him down. While vacuuming he had sucked up the side of the bathroom rug that was partially torn. It was wrapped in the vacuum. It freaked Anders out. He thought he had destroyed the rug. I had told David the day before that it was time to get a new bathroom rug. Anders looks at me with big tears running down his cheeks, "I love that rug. We need to get another one just the same." I had no idea a kid could be so attached to a bathroom rug. Especially a plain beige one.

Then he tells me how he never wants to vacuum again. I explain that he doesn't have to do the bathroom if it is too scary, but know how much he loves to vacuum. He says, "Ya, mom. You need to vacuum the bathroom...but be careful of the rug."