Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Made up words


Zipananamas - footsy pajamas 
Alligatorade - Gatorade


Mediest - the position between the biggest and smallest 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lunchtime conversation

Bram: "When I am a daddy I am going to fight the bad guys!" (He is play fighting in the air)

Me: "Does daddy fight bad guys?"

Bram: "No."

Anders: "Aiden's a bad guy. Daddy fights him."

I shook my head no. He responds: "Saiden is a bad guy. Daddy fights him?"

I explained that we fight him by being good.

Anders: "You're good every day mom. Except for that one day when you didn't get enough sleep.  Satan was telling you to wake up."

Me, laughing, "Actually he was telling me to be angry because he doesn't want us to have happy families. Like how he tells you to make your brother scream some more,  because he doesn't want us to be happy."

Anders: "Does Satan have a family?"

Me: "No."

Anders: "That's why he's angry."

I loved every single minute of this conversation!