Saturday, October 30, 2010

Papa, Momma and Baby Bear

So tonight was Anders' first Halloween party, and our first party with a baby. We purchased Anders' costume about two months ago when we were browsing the baby Gap. He was three months at the time. We figured we should probably go with the 6-12 month costume size if we wanted Anders to fit into it by Halloween. We tried it on him two weeks ago and were worried it might not fit him on Halloween. Luckily, it fit him just right. Our 20 pound five month old...

Our ward was throwing a Halloween party with a costume contest. We kind of wanted to compete, and not be completely lame showing up dressed normally while Anders looked so dang cute. So we decided to copy him and only look a little lame. We were the three bears! Maybe we can be this again next year. David was saying that if Anders keeps his blond hair, he could be "Golden Locks" and if we had another baby (a big "if") he/she could wear Anders costume from this year.

So here we are as the Three Bears from behind. We got little decoration pillows from the craft store for stubby tails.

Happy Papa and Momma Bear, Baby Bear feeling a little too warm.

Momma Bear decided to compete against the other momma's in the ward in the donut eating contest. I would have won, but a piece of my donut fell on the floor. I was debating eating it off the floor and by the time I looked at David and got his stamp of approval for doing it, I was a little too late.

Anders has started hibernating early with the help of Bishop Williams.

He was very stubborn about staying in hibernation mode all the way home. I tried to wake him and he knew I was trying, so he stubbornly squeezed his eyelids closed tighter and refused. He is seriously the funniest little person.

David caught me on video during the donut eating contest. Momma bear has an appetite...haha. Don't judge me!

David also competed in the pie eating contest. He won! It was a close call though. The guy in the lead was quite a bit ahead of David, and then he turned green and had to run to the hall and "spit-up?" all of his pie. No one else was even close to David by the time they were done. So we won a gift card for ice-cream. Or HE won a gift card for ice-cream that will help HIM dote on ME. I didn't realize I had the camera while he was doing the contest or I would have gotten it on camera too.

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