Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's better than Santa coming to town?

AUNTIE JESSICA coming to town. Jessica flew in on Thursday morning to come visit us because they had two days off school due to budget cuts and Veteran's Day. We spent lots of time talking while she ate up the opportunity to hold Anders. I did find it funny though because she would ask to hold Anders and two minutes later I would look over and she had put Anders down (she wasn't used to holding such a heavy baby). haha.

We also ate desserts from THE CHOCOLATE (a dessert cafe). I think we got desserts from there the three nights she was here. Don't judge. Her favorite was ironically "the husband". I am sure it would be my favorite too if I could eat chocolate.

We saw a dollar movie for our night out on the town.

We took family and sister pictures. It was chilly but tons of fun.

We also made a memento for Jessica to take home with her so she could remember this trip and us every time she looks at it.

And then the time came for us to take her to the airport. It was a teary goodbye for some, and others (Anders) had big smiles (it helped he got a long nap on the way to the airport). He loved getting all the kisses from his momma and his auntie.

The End. Hopefully she will be able to come back and see us again soon!

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Lee&Michelle said...

Such a cute little baby!!! He's adorable! I loved your halloween costumes too! :)