Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day of Turkey, Thanks and Giving

This Thanksgiving was our first with a baby! We had a blast. We planned out everything in advance so there was no stress with baking and cooking the Thanksgiving meal for ourselves and David's two brothers: Sam and Adam. We spared no expense with the food, but the decor was definitely lacking. We will have to work on that for next year. It was also Sam's birthday on Thanksgiving day and Adam's is tomorrow, so we opted for a homemade cake, rather than pies.

Here is the table right before we dished up to eat. Not festive, I know!

Here we have corn, croissants, candied yams and turkey. Not pictured are the mashed potatoes that were warming up in the oven.

Next is the salad and the must have jello with fresh whipped cream. We are Mormon and not afraid to admit it!

Last but not least: THE STUFFING. Syd's favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.

Here are Sam and Adam blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. It was actually quite the adventure to make. I accidentally bought a cake mix for a yellow cake, instead of our favorite butter yellow recipe. So David made the cakes (we like to do a layered cake with our pudding frosting) but he couldn't get them to come out of the pans no matter what he did. When I came into the kitchen to see them, they were literally in pieces. There was absolutely no way I could put together a cake out of the pieces. And so we started over, after David ran to the store. That was the only drama of our Thanksgiving day. Luckily David had made the cake early enough that it really wasn't stressful or a big deal to start over again.

Here is the family shot we had to get on our first Thanksgiving together!

After all the Thanksgiving festivities we decided to do Black Friday shopping for the first time. We went up to the outlets in Park City to get Anders all his new clothes and Syd a new winter jacket. We got such killer deals we were grateful we made the trip. And it worked out well because we started shopping at midnight instead of waiting to go up at six in the morning. Syd was in heaven: she and Anders are the night owls in the family.

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