Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Steps

Okay. So Anders isn't walking yet, but he is developing along pretty quickly for us. What is he doing now you may ask? He is able to sit on his own. He can't quite sit up from a laying position, but once he can find leverage to pull himself up (like a finger, or something that keeps his feet down) he can remain sitting and keep himself balanced. We have the proof!

Here he is sitting on his own. It was so funny taking these pictures because he wanted to follow his momma around the room as I was trying to get him to laugh while Daddy was taking the pictures. So he kept falling over because he cannot smile at momma without kicking out one of his legs in excitement. He melts momma's heart!

1 comment:

Lee&Michelle said...

He is too cute! Yay for sitting up all by himself! :)