Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating and Anders being cute as always!

Now that we have had Thanksgiving and a day to recover, we put up the Christmas Decorations! Anders had fun helping! He kept getting this cute look on his face filled with wonder as he looked at the lights being hung and the red and green objects all over the place.

Here is the final result of our tree once it was decorated.

As we were working on the tree, Anders was playing with his toys and ended up spitting up all over himself and so Camrose came to help clean him up.

After we got him cleaned up and dressed, he wanted to play with some of the shiny wrapping paper and was so happy with his 'toy'.

Then... on Sunday, for some reason, the hot water just wasn't hot. Normally it is because of sharing the tank with the neighbors but we had waited what should have been long enough for the water to warm back up in the tank and it didn't. Anders had been about to get in with momma to get clean so daddy thought: "how can I keep him warm?" and the result is Anders in a diaper and hoody.

When he is smiling for momma!

He has also started to do this neat thing when momma tickles him by play biting with her lips, he has started to do it back:

We are so excited for this Christmas season! First Christmas for Anders so we do feel a little pressure to make sure that he knows that Christmas is all about his Savior Jesus Christ. Pretty sure that he won't understand on an intellectual level yet but we are going to make sure that we sing hymns about Christ, point out images of Christ and his birth, and read him scriptures about the birth so that as he grows up, he knows what this time is all about: celebrating the one who made it so we all can live with our Father in Heaven again!

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