Sunday, June 30, 2013

They are just too adorable!

Anders' cuteness today:

During sacrament meeting, David took Bram and Anders out to feed them a snack. Anders came back in and snuggled next to me. I was so exhausted I needed to lay down. I laid in Anders lap and he started stroking my arm and sat there as still as could be for over five minutes. Then he got upset because he couldn't see my face. 

Tonight, I was clipping his finger nails and told him if he was so good that he could vacuum them up by himself afterward. Halfway through clipping his nails he goes, "Mom, I being SUPER good!"

Bram's cuteness today:

We walk into the church building this morning and Bram starts pumping his arms above his head and shaking his fists and yelling "Play, play, play, play!" He was trying to sign it. The sign for play is your thumbs and pinkies on both hands extended and shaking your hands back and forth. It was hilarious. 

This kid NEVER stops eating. As long as he is awake he is asking for food, or a cracker (he probably has 15 a day), or a granola bar, or a "moothie" [smoothie]. Thirty minutes after a huge dinner he starts asking for a snack. It is ridiculous.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kidney Stone

We went to urgent care yesterday because I had been experiencing extreme pain in my abdominal area since Saturday. They sent me for an ultrasound today. I have a very tiny six-week-old baby in my uterus AND a kidney stone. The baby part is great, the kidney stone not so much. I have been so sick, and it all makes sense why. 

So we were driving home from the clinic yesterday and Anders from the back says, "Mom, what are you doing?"

I reply, "Feeling sad."

Anders goes, "I give you a kiss and then you be happy."

David suggests, "How about you blow mom a kiss from the backseat and she can catch it?"

Anders replies, "No dad. I have to give her kiss on the lips."

It must have been taking too long to get home because before I know it, kisses are being thrown my way from Anders and Bram non-stop until we get home.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Help You Feel Better

Anders and I are awake early together this morning. I am not feeling well at all. Anders asks me to look at him. I do, but my eyes must be slightly glazed over or something because he frantically says a few times, "Mom, LOOK AT ME!" Then he follows up with, "Mom, SAY SOMEPING!" So I tell him I am not feeling very good. He tells me, "Oh, I help you feel better." He then crawls next to me on the couch and starts playing with my hair and singing the second verse of "I am a Child of God". When he finishes he asks, "Help you feel better mom?" The only response is "YES!" to such a sweet and tender heart, even though I still feel really sick. But now I am sick with a smile on my face.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Anders and Bram are becoming more distinctly different as they get older, but there also seem to be quite a few things that are exactly the same. Like how stubborn they both are, or how they both always want mom. Or how much they both LOVE food and singing. And then there is the way they like to stand while watching a movie: 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Green Ones and Two Blue Ones

Anders keeps changing his story about the baby in my belly. He claims there are two babies, a girl and a boy. Then he told me there are two green ones and two blue ones. I told him we aren't having alien babies. He insists we are. David says if this is the case I have some explaining to do. 

And taking about explaining. The boys are always asking me to paint their toe nails when I am painting mine. I have always told Anders it is for girls. Then the other day when I was finishing up Bram demanded it paint his toe too. He still doesn't understand boy/girl differences and I wasn't up for one of his tantrums, so I painted his big toe. Of course Anders noticed and wanted his big toe done too. So later that night David is giving the boys a bath and shouts, "Momma! You've got some e[s]plaining to do!" 

You didn't give me anything!

We were running an errand the other day and there was a soda vending machine. Anders likes to play this game where he comes running up to me asking for money and I pretend to put coins in his hand. He then uses the fake coins in the machines. Bram watched this exchange between Anders and I and comes running up behind Anders with his hand outstretched. I pretend to put money into his hand and say, "There you go!" He looks into his empty hand and then up at me in disbelief. There isn't anything there! He yells at me and then sticks his hand out again. His face says he knows I gave something to Anders and he wants some too. I proceed to do the same thing as before, but to no avail. Bram doesn't quite understand make-believe games.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Me: "There is a baby in Momma's tummy!"

Anders: "I see it? Oh, in there (pointing to my stomach)."

Me: "Do you think it is a baby brother or baby sister?"

Anders: "Baby sister."

Me: "Who told you that?"

Anders, a little incredulously, "The Baby!"

Me: "Oh yeah?! And what does she want her name to be?"

Anders: "Um....Belle."

Me: "Really? Are you sure she doesn't want to be named Astrid?"

Anders: "Oh yeah, Atrit. That's right."

Then cradling his hands together he says, "I hold her."

Me: "You excited to have another brother or sister?"

Anders: "Yeah, I take care of her."

Me: "So what does she want her name to be again?"

Anders: "You do it."

If we do end up having a little girl, she is one lucky one to have Anders and Bram for big brothers. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feel It!

We were feeding the sister missionaries and a friend last night. David was running late and didn't arrive home until we had finished eating and had almost put the food away. After Anders finished eating he went into the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later, his little voice requests, "Mom, come feel it!" 

The sister missionaries exchange a look and then tell me he is asking for me. I heard him the first time. And I hear him request a second time, "Come feel it!" 

I finish what I am doing and then go into the bathroom. Anders was so proud of himself for getting the perfect water temperature in the sink for washing his hands. In fact, he was so proud of it, he had to have me come feel it before he could actually proceed in cleaning his hands. So cute!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Dreams

Me: "Anders, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Anders: "Um...Tall!"

Realistic and achievable for him. He sure knows how to set goals!