Sunday, June 30, 2013

They are just too adorable!

Anders' cuteness today:

During sacrament meeting, David took Bram and Anders out to feed them a snack. Anders came back in and snuggled next to me. I was so exhausted I needed to lay down. I laid in Anders lap and he started stroking my arm and sat there as still as could be for over five minutes. Then he got upset because he couldn't see my face. 

Tonight, I was clipping his finger nails and told him if he was so good that he could vacuum them up by himself afterward. Halfway through clipping his nails he goes, "Mom, I being SUPER good!"

Bram's cuteness today:

We walk into the church building this morning and Bram starts pumping his arms above his head and shaking his fists and yelling "Play, play, play, play!" He was trying to sign it. The sign for play is your thumbs and pinkies on both hands extended and shaking your hands back and forth. It was hilarious. 

This kid NEVER stops eating. As long as he is awake he is asking for food, or a cracker (he probably has 15 a day), or a granola bar, or a "moothie" [smoothie]. Thirty minutes after a huge dinner he starts asking for a snack. It is ridiculous.

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