Friday, June 28, 2013

Kidney Stone

We went to urgent care yesterday because I had been experiencing extreme pain in my abdominal area since Saturday. They sent me for an ultrasound today. I have a very tiny six-week-old baby in my uterus AND a kidney stone. The baby part is great, the kidney stone not so much. I have been so sick, and it all makes sense why. 

So we were driving home from the clinic yesterday and Anders from the back says, "Mom, what are you doing?"

I reply, "Feeling sad."

Anders goes, "I give you a kiss and then you be happy."

David suggests, "How about you blow mom a kiss from the backseat and she can catch it?"

Anders replies, "No dad. I have to give her kiss on the lips."

It must have been taking too long to get home because before I know it, kisses are being thrown my way from Anders and Bram non-stop until we get home.

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