Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Green Ones and Two Blue Ones

Anders keeps changing his story about the baby in my belly. He claims there are two babies, a girl and a boy. Then he told me there are two green ones and two blue ones. I told him we aren't having alien babies. He insists we are. David says if this is the case I have some explaining to do. 

And taking about explaining. The boys are always asking me to paint their toe nails when I am painting mine. I have always told Anders it is for girls. Then the other day when I was finishing up Bram demanded it paint his toe too. He still doesn't understand boy/girl differences and I wasn't up for one of his tantrums, so I painted his big toe. Of course Anders noticed and wanted his big toe done too. So later that night David is giving the boys a bath and shouts, "Momma! You've got some e[s]plaining to do!" 

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