Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anders David Bilodeau - 2 Months

24 I/2 inches tall (90-95th percentile)
14 lbs 3 oz (95th percentile)
42 cm for his head (90-95th percentile)

Our very cute boy has gotten so big since he was born two months and one day ago. Here are some pictures of him recently. We sure are crazy about him!

Profile Shot - Got to love the chubbiness

Anders and cousin Nathan are already the best of pals until...Nathan pulls out his pacifier.

He can sleep any which way as long as he is on Momma

Cute boy right before he got his shots

Sad boy right after his was pretty sad. They hit a vein with his first shot and blood was going all over the place while the nurse was trying to finish the next two shots. I was like, "Hey, can't you stop the bleeding first!" Sheesh, like getting the shots done quickly is more important than an oozing hole in my sons leg!!! Needless to say it didn't make him very happy.

Anders spazzing out while taking a shower.

Doesn't it just break your heart? He had just had 3 shots in his thighs.

Anders talking up a storm.