Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pause Please

Anders is growing up too fast. He is now pushing his elbows into things behind him so that he can sit up. Hasn't quite figured it out so he continually gets into some really interesting positions that get him worked up. I am trying to give him his space though so that he can learn how to do things on his own. It is so hard not to be there to fix everything right away for him, but I have got to learn how to do it now.

Anders loves playing with Daddy! This picture captures it perfectly!!!

The following pictures are of his new hats for the cold weather.

This is the sound that he makes when he is trying to put himself to sleep. He does it the most often while I am getting ready after we shower and he is ready for his first nap of the day. It cracks me up!!! I thought I would get it on I did catch some of it, but the minute this kid sees the camera (like most babies) he stops everything to stare at the pretty shiny thing.

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