Monday, October 25, 2010


We planned a HUGE game of Fugitive for all our married friends. And boy did it take a lot of planning. The first step was the invitations. Most people had never played Fugitive (a type of cops and robbers but for grown-ups) so the invitations had to be amazing or people wouldn't show up. They were custom made by yours truly. Here's one we made for a friend:


The next step was creating an awesome directive for the fugitives and the cops. We had our friends with babies be the cops so that they would be able to play too. The fugitives had five destination points where they were required to take a picture for proof that they went to all 5. The cops knew of the destinations and boundaries but were not allowed to cherry-pick. Couples had to stay together (we didn't want any of the wives to be left alone in the dark because their husbands were too competitive).

Then the day before preparations commenced. I was an over-achiever in my dessert choices. It took us Friday night and almost all day Saturday to make all the desserts so they would look just right.


We also put together the photo directory for the cops on Saturday with all the people that RSVPed. Due to rainy weather and BYU, a few people had to drop out of the game just before it started. Three couples came down with something the day of, and two had to cancel because of school projects. We still had 15 couples show for the game, and everyone had a blast!!! David and I were only able to go out and be cops for 20 minutes, but we were able to catch four couples and spot one more before it was time for us to go back home to wait for the first fugitives to start trickling in. Anders was a great cop with us. He fell asleep two minutes after getting into the car. I don't know how he did either because I was the driver and a little bit crazy! I peeled the tires twice because the road was wet, and I would slam on the brakes to let David jump out and chase people down. I even followed a couple around a bank twice because I couldn't figure out who they were. We were very lucky that nobody got hurt!

We had 3 gift card prizes when everyone finally got back to our house. The couple who got back in the fastest amount of time without being caught won the biggest prize (a $25 gift card to Olive Garden). The second prize went to the runner-up couple (a $10 gift card to Coldstone). And there was also a prize that went to the cop with the most points (Two movie tickets).

There is no way Fugitive game night could have happened without the teamwork of David and myself. He was so great to help me make it happen. It is totally do-able for anybody and people just love playing even if there are not desserts and prizes afterward.

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