Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fire in the hole!

This is David writing today: So Anders was sitting in the bumbo on the kitchen table while Momma and I were eating lunch today. He learned that he could knock things over... and his favorite was Momma's 1 liter water bottle. He knocked it over the first time and I caught it on the way down and set it back up. I then went back to my sandwich and he knocked it over again...

This time, no catching by me but instead it hit my mini can of Pringles I was eating with my sandwich and catapulted them across the kitchen. Boom! Pringles were flying through the air and Momma and I both couldn't register what had happened. There ended up being Pringles all over the floor with little tiny pieces everywhere from the impact of the water bottle. I looked up at his face... and he had this expression like: Why didn't you pick the bottle back up again for me? What are you doing down on the floor picking up those orange things when you could be setting this back up?

Cute boy! And smart... too smart.

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Krii said...

too smart. fallen apple.