Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canada...hope you can handle us!

So the verdict is finally in and we have decided on graduate school and work for the summer. David will be programming for the local newspaper so we will be staying put for the summer, but in August we will be heading to, drum roll please:

McGill in Montreal, Canada.

We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives! We have been patiently waiting to find out where we would be for the next four/five years of our lives, and are relieved to finally be able to start making plans.

Anders is adorable squared plus infinity. He is constantly making us laugh. He has this little throat giggle that he does when he thinks he found out a secret. He laughs like a tickle me Elmo doll, but only for momma and she has to work really hard to get him to do it. He has decided that he is a big boy and will walk by himself when we go on walks. Boy, he has got a mind of his own!

He is now wanting to try everything we are eating. Okay, so he wanted to do that from the beginning, but now he is big enough that we are able to let him eat almost everything that we eat.

Anders favorite game is chase. He loves it when we say "I'm gonna get you!" (over and over again) while we chase him through the house. He giggles the entire time he tries to walk/run away. He still walks with his hands up in the air about ear level.

His nickname has emerged. Momma calls him "BUBBAS" and Daddy has picked up on the nickname creating his own short version "BUBS". He LOVES this nickname.

He also LOVES to "HELP" Daddy fold the laundry. He runs over the minute he sees Daddy start and grabs clothes to throw on the ground by Daddy, or in the other room, or he'll chew on an item of clothing while he tromps around the house.

He has discovered Camrose's dog food and is fond of its flavor. If he has an itching for something to snack on he has figured out that is the first place to go. Fortunately, he has only ever had one piece and I was able to get it out of his mouth before swallowing. But I will never forget the pleased look on his face as he was sucking on the one piece and enjoying (a little too much for my liking) the flavor.

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NEC said...

Holy cow I can't believe you guys are moving to Canada! That is huge. You'll love montreal. Come to some more cousins' dinners before you go!!