Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cake Face

Anders turned one-year-old yesterday!!! He was an angel the entire day! Lots of giggles, lots of food, but most of all we had lots of fun! We started the day by having brunch at IHOP (we wanted to go to Kneader's but we all slept in so we didn't make it in time). Anders got to have pancakes and apple juice for the first time. He preferred the pancakes without syrup, believe it or not!

Then we drove up to Salt Lake City to go to the Hogle Zoo. We had no idea that EVERYONE and their mom would be at the zoo. It was perfect for Anders though because he loves to watch people, probably more than he liked seeing the animals.

He had a chance to play in the sand at the kid's dig site. He only succeeded in eating the sand twice.

He also was fascinated by some teenagers that were nearby eating their pizza. He was basically drooling as he slowly made his way over to them to beg for some of their pizza, this was while we were spooning him some great tasting mixed veggies with whole wheat...what? We are feeding him the good stuff.

Don't worry. Later we went to the Cheesecake Factory and he got to pig out on pasta and marinara sauce, a lot of bread, cheese puffs. We held off letting him eat his chocolate cake until we got home so the rest of his food had some time to digest. It is a good thing we did too, because he pigged out on his cake!

When we got home he played with his new piano. We walked to the store to get him some balloons. What is a first birthday without them? It was the perfect birthday for our cheerful, social one-year-old. Who also happens to be the cutest stinking one-year-old in the whole entire world!!!

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I think the stinking part comes from my side of the