Sunday, April 20, 2014


Yesterday, we did a little egg hunt in our living room for the boys. They got some bubbles and sidewalk chalk in their baskets. It was simple and perfect. The boys loved it. Bram was not super into it because it was too similar to "cleaning" up the living room to him. He was very happy to find the candy in the eggs at the end. It worked out nicely, since Anders wanted to get as many as he could and Bram could care less. Next year probably won't be such a breeze.

We went to the park after church today to try to fly a kite with the boys for the first time. It wasn't quite windy enough to work well. The boys tried keeping up with their dad as he ran as fast as he needed to to get it up. Anders was yelling as he trailed thirty feet behind his dad, "Too fast dad!" And Bram was yelling the same thing as he trailed another twenty feet behind his brother. I was trying to capture all of this on camera, while holding Astrid, the camera and Camrose on her leash. Camrose was trying to run after David and the boys, and Astrid was screaming about having the sun in her face. It was glorious! 

Astrid fell asleep after about five minutes and then I was able to take pictures to my heart's content. Today, on this Easter Sunday, I couldn't be more grateful that Christ's resurrection means I can be with my perfect little family forever. 

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