Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Like to Walk, We like to Talk

My favorite quotes while we walked home from dropping David at the bus stop:

Bram telling me why he couldn't throw a rock down the storm drain, "It's too an-er-ous [dangerous]. It get lady bugs on it. And it be roas [gross].BLAH!"

Anders telling me how close we were to home, "We are almost home. It's a little bit too far away."

Bram looked up at the overcast sky and exclaimed, "Uh oh, summer's gone!"

Anders describing a motor vehicle with three wheels, "Look! A totercycle."

Bram and Anders were telling me about stuff they would see. So Anders would say, "I see a tree!" And Bram would point out something right after. Well, Bram pointed out a walled planter and said, "I see...that." 

Bram saw all the trash cans out for pick-up and would say, "That one for Mom. That one for Dad. That one for Anders. That one for Bram!" Cause who doesn't dream of having their very own trash can?

I LOVE the talking the boys do while on walks!

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