Monday, April 7, 2014

Elevation Changes Hate Anders

Anders describing his hiccups today, "it helps jump me." (I love the way his brain describes life.)

So remember that time we were on an elevator in the mall and Anders got lost. We almost had an experience to top that one tonight. 

We went to a different mall than the one Anders got lost in tonight for an FHE treat. After we got icecream we took the elevator downstairs to walk around. When we were ready to leave, we took the escalator back upstairs. Bram tried to do it himself, but only took a step on with one foot, so he ended up doing the splits. We helped him recover quickly and finished the rest of the way up the escalator without incident. Bram wanted to go back down the escalator, to which I had no objections because I wanted him to practice so he wouldn't be afraid of escalators. We were going back down and I was focused on Bram. Anders was behind me, and David and Astrid were behind him. Very abrubtly the escalator stops a few feet from the bottom. I step down the rest of the way with Bram when I suddenly hear Anders start to scream. We turn around to see his rain boot has been partially sucked into the escalator WHILE HIS FOOT IS STILL IN THE BOOT! David had to stretch the boot to pull his foot out. He was devastated about his boot and was inconsolable about the fact that it was stuck in the escalator. I kept explaining to him that we could replace his boot, but not his leg. We climbed up the stairs of the stalled escalator to the nearby store that sold his boots to get him a replacement one. 

It was a very traumatic experience for him and he kept crying every time he talked about it. As we were walking out of the mall and he was wearing his new rain boots he said very matter of fact "Dad saved my life." Unfortunately, and to Anders great dismay, we were unable to save his boot. 

Anders has formally requested that we not get icecream or go to that mall anytime in the foreseeable future.

What the boot looked like before and after:

Looking at the boot I am so grateful he didn't get seriously injured! I didn't even know that could happen. What David and I surmised is that he must of lost his balance and as he leaned, his loop of his rain boot caught the edge of the stair and then got sucked down. 

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Lee&Michelle said...

omg! so scarey!!! poor kid! glad everything is ok and he wasn't hurt!