Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Me: Anders, who is your favorite super hero?

Anders: Um, I don't know...(long pause)...will you help me?

Me: You want me to help you pick one?

Anders nods in the affirmative.

Me: Okay. So there is Iron Man.

Anders: No.

Me: How about the Hulk? He is green.

Anders: No.

Me: Well, there is Captain America or Superman.

Anders: Um, Captain...wait, Incredibles.

Me: Oh, you want to be like Mr. Incredible, or Dash?

Anders gave me this look like I was crazy.

Anders: I don't want to be like anyone! 

Me: Oh, sorry. Well is your favorite the ice-guy, who freezes stuff?

Anders: No.

Me: Do you like Mr. Incredible the best? The guy that is super strong?

Anders: No.

Me: Dash, who runs really fast?

Anders: No.

Me: How about the mom that stretches really far?

Anders: Yah! I like the mom that stretches!

Me: Okay! So your favorite is Mrs. Incredible?

Anders: No, I like the mom!

Me: Elastagirl?

Anders: Yah, Elastagirl.

Maybe this was a shout out to me, that I am really his hero? Or my kid is just super random in his choice.

Bram is my super hero! Here he is after trying to put on a pair of Anders' basketball shorts all by himself. He had them twisted up pretty good.

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