Friday, April 11, 2014

Overly Obnoxious

I had just finished showering and started to make lunch for the boys. Bram comes into the kitchen, looks me over and states, "Mom, you look diff-rent." Then he follows up with, "It's a good diff-rent," He said it to me another four or five times as he watched me make lunch. 

David was calling for Bram to come into our room for family scripture study. Bram wasn't listening so David started to count to three. Bram's little voice from the other room carried into ours, "four, five, six..." It was so rude! And so cute. That guy!

Anders and I were going to go on a date last night because a visiting teaching appointment I had made fell through. At the last minute, as I was about to leave on a date with Anders, my visiting teachee changed her mind, after Anders was stoked to go on our date...

So I brought Anders with me so we could do a mini ice-cream date afterwards. I took my visiting teachee to the temple for the first time. We gave the message in the waiting room, where Anders was so adorable as he sat on a couch by himself and read a FRIEND magazine. We ended up getting ice-cream with my companion and teachee, but it was still a great mini-date for us. Anders is such a sweet and enthusiastic kid. I love him to pieces!

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