Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three Going On Thirteen

So we were at a restaurant this morning for breakfast. I had a small orange juice with mine and both the boys begged to share. Of course, the next thing I know, they have finished it and I had one sip. So I send Anders up to the counter get another orange juice. I hand him a five-dollar bill. He waits in the line. It took forever because they weren't very efficient. It was finally Anders' turn but he didn't realize it, so I shouted to the cashier that he wanted an orange juice. He handed her the money. I told him to wait to get money back. He gets it back and is ready to charge back. I remind him to wait for the juice. He gets it. And promptly comes back to the table. Without being asked he hands me the change and happily hands the juice over to Bram, allowing him the first sip. He was so pleased with himself that he had to give me a kiss. So my three-year-old already thinks he is mister independent. And to tell you the truth, in a lot of ways he really is.

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