Thursday, August 22, 2013

THey Are Growing UP

We have been looking for names we like for baby #3. We are pretty set on the girls name, have been for years now, but` we wanted to be prepared with some boy names that we like. It helps relieve my anxiety by allowing some sense of control. So we found a boy name we both liked and is strong like Anders and Abraham, the name is Axel. I told Anders about it and asked it him to say it. He said, "Ass-el." We tried again, and that time it sounded like a bad word. When Bram says it is sounds like "castle". Luckily, we have time to work on it. 

Bram is our little busy-body. He is my shadow when it comes to food. He has this sixth sense when it comes to me trying to eat or drink anything without him knowing. He also is always very vocal about what his brother is doing. Whenever he gets hurt by accident, or on purpose by Anders, he milks it for all it is worth. He comes to get kisses and cuddle and then he glares at Anders and yells periodically for the next ten minutes, "NICE!" 

This morning Bram added a new one. When Anders plays on our touchscreen computer, he is often way too close to the screen, so we are often telling him, "Too Close". So I was eating breakfast with Bram next to me, and all of a sudden Bram started yelling, "close! close!" He is too much sometimes. 

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