Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

Today we went to the mall for lunch and I payed with cash because I actually had cash on me. 

Then this afternoon was the boys' Dr. appointments. I had to carry them from their beds to the car to avoid the meltdowns of being awoken early from their naps. In the process of trying to keep them happy and subdued, I totally forgot my purse and wallet. 

I didn't realize I had forgotten either until I pulled up to the parking lot of the office. My purse had their vaccination booklets and my wallet had the money for Bram's last round of shots. 

David had to run home and pick my purse up. He brought it, we were the last patients of the day, literally five minutes before the doctor was about to leave. I pull out my wallet to pay for the vaccinations and to my horror I realize I used the cash for the shots to buy lunch earlier that day. I usually have loads of coins for the boys and we almost completely paid for the two shots with coins. We were about $1.75 short. I had the thought that I should just have David go to an ATM to get the cash and just forget about the booklets, but I never actually suggested it to David. This pregnancy brain is killing me.

Bram is 27 1/2 lbs. He is also really tall for his age. The doctor says Anders will be a least 6'1. Both are healthy and excelling in every way. Bram also figured out how to really run today. My baby is officially gone. I now have two toddlers.

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B Bilodeau said...

what a day for you! Glad it all worked out and all is fine. Love you guys!