Friday, August 23, 2013



He is obsessed with picking at mine and David's cuticles whenever we cuddle with him.

He has this strong sense of fairness. It is really important to him.

If you ask him to smile he squints his eyes or pulls a face, but if you ask him to say cheese, he smiles perfectly for pictures. 

He has to have the lid of anything that is opened for him or he feels jiped.


He has always grouped things by color. It's like programmed into him.

He adds "s" to the end of words. "That is mine(s)!" or "What you do(s)?"

Has an unbelievable memory. I have to be very careful because of this. I missed cuddling with him once, he was asleep before I got to him, and he remembered in the morning that I hadn't. He was mad at me for most of the day because that is such an important time for him with me.

He cannot relax. Whenever we throw Bram around in the air he goes limp and giggles with the sensation. Anders stays stiff as a board the whole time we try to swing him around.


They have to always be clothed, except right after bath time. They love streaking through the house after bath time.

When they do something they are proud of, they have to come over and hug or kiss me. (At home or out and about).

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