Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That Pole Came Out of Nowhere

We were walking to the video store tonight and Anders was pretty distracted the entire walk. He has started to turn to look behind him while he is walking and isn't very good at determining how far he has gone and whether or not he is walking straight. Let me tell you, it is fun/funny to watch. Especially, when he decides to watch behind him after begging me to chase him, and barely avoids running into a massive pole. Like barely, to the point that he was able to stop himself from getting hurt, but still couldn't completely avoid it.

It reminded me of the time my mom took me, Topher and Tracy to Pismo Beach, California, for vacation. We were on our way to the beach and she was chasing us. We were much older than Anders. I was in my pre-teens I think. I turned around to see how close my mom was and ran straight and hard into a telephone pole. Boy did it hurt. And it provided a great, long laugh for everyone but me.

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