Monday, May 20, 2013

I Want A Green Bicycle

We had a very thoughtful friend bring a hand-me-down bike for Anders. We were given a bike last year for Anders, but it is still a couple years too big. We pulled it out earlier to double check. So, we told Anders that someone was bringing him a bike and would be getting to our house soon. They were also dropping off a bunch of books their youngest had grown past. 

Anders says, "For my birthday! I also want balloons!"

I reassured him that it wasn't it birthday yet, and that he would get balloons on his birthday.

So he continues, "Maybe tomollow for balloons? And my car?....I want a green bicycle."

I laughed and told him that I didn't know what color his bicycle was going to be. When they showed up with it, not only was it the perfect size for Anders, but it was also GREEN. What a blessed child. 

Someone gave us two helmets which is great when you have two kids. Bram felt a part of the new experience while Anders tried out his new bike. It was an exciting adventure for all of us. Anders is too big!

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