Monday, May 6, 2013

Keep Me Safe?

Anders makes the request of me every night, "Keep me safe, mom?"

Tonight, I reassured him as I always do that I will keep him safe. I remind him that there are no alligators, monsters or dragons in our house. We are safe.

He reminds me, "I scared of the dragons."

"I know, but there are no dragons here, " I reply. "You are safe. I keep you safe."

Anders continues, "Fly the plane to fight the dragon."

Impressed by his solution I respond, "That is a great idea Anders!"

Anders says, "But the plane breaks, and I fall and get hurt....and I have to watch out for the hole so I don't fall down and get hurt. I be careful not to fall down. I go round the hole careful, mom."

You betcha Anders. I have no idea where you went for the last part of our conversation tonight, but as long as you followed it, that is all that matters, eh?

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