Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Granby Zoo

I have a three-year-old! Eeek!

We had a beautiful day at the Zoo to celebrate his birthday. Anders and Bram both loved the zoo, but for entirely different reasons.

Anders loved seeing all the animals, especially the monkeys. He also loved pulling the green wagon that he insisted we get as green is still his favorite color. We also got to ride on a train through a portion of the park. He has been asking to ride a train for months, so we got to check something off his bucket list on his birthday! Score!

Bram loved getting ice cream. He was also the only one who wanted to pet the goats and sting rays. And he loved seeing the fish and water at the exhibits. He would point and shout "puddle" at every body of water that he saw. His obsession with puddles has become so extreme that we cannot keep him away from puddles anywhere we go. He charges straight for them, completely ignoring anything we say. He also was obsessed with the orange traffic cones sectioning off portions of the parking lot. I am pretty sure we wouldn't have ever made it into the zoo if we had let Bram continue playing with them.

Some three-year-old updates on Anders:

Favorite color: green and blue
Favorite food: green smoothies, French fries
Favorite t.v. Show: Go, Diego, Go
Favorite movie: Peter Pan or Ice Age 3
Favorite friend: Nathan Morin (age 3), Samuel Plaskett (age 2), Jakob Bosworth (age 14), Bram.
Favorite game: dart guns
Loves: Riding his bike, reading with Mom, green peppers and cucumber, taking baths and showers,

Dislikes: Swimming, time-out, sand in his shoes, getting his hair cut, being chased or scared.

He is obsessed with getting bigger so he can:

Drive mom and dad's car.
Drive grandpa Bilodeau's tractor while grandpa rides in the trailer.
Wear underwear and use the toilet like Elmo.
Be as tall as mom and dad.

And he is huge. He is 42 pounds, which is the 97th percentile for his weight. He is above average for his height and of course his head is huge like his dads. He looks more like a four-year-old. He has also started showing his own fashion sense. Notice the two different colored shoes.

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