Monday, April 22, 2013

Wasp of Hair

Today we went to the park for Bram's second time since the weather has changed. From previous posts you understand that he took awhile to overcome the complexities of the sidewalk. I thought that was funny. It was nothing compared to his reaction to the sand on the playground. He would freeze like he had just hit quicksand and his life depended on on him staying absolutely still! He fell over once and he had this hysterical chuckle that was the perfect indication of how much it was freaking him out to be in the sand. After that, if he felt any sand on his hands he would grunt and shout to ask me to get it off.

Once we got home, I pulled out instant pudding mix. I had a hair in my face that I went to pull back back with the rest of my hair and I felt something on top of my head in the process. I went to brush it off with my hand. When I felt the top of my head again it was gone. I looked all over the floor to see what had been in my hair. I couldn't find anything anywhere. So I started feeling around the rest of my hair. I found what felt the same as what had been on top of my head. I grabbed it with my hand thinking it is part of a tree or something. Nope. I was holding a live wasp.

Bram probably would have eaten it. Have I mentioned yet that he is my gross child. If there is anything unsavoury around, he has to touch it and make as big a mess as he can with it. This picture doesn't even begin to do his grossness justice. He demanded to eat peanut butter crackers with me and proceeded to pull them apart to eat just the peanut butter AFTER he smeared peanut butter all over his face and hands ON PURPOSE.

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