Sunday, April 28, 2013

Public Singing

Today was Stake Conference. We arrived a half an hour early because we had anticipated bridge traffic that never materialized. We were early enough to hear the primary choir practicing for the session.

When the primary choir got up half way through the first hour, Anders exclaims, "They're singing again!" Then they started and Anders didn't hesitate to join in, with great enthusiasm and volume. After the first verse he turned to his dad and said, "I know this song!" Then at the third verse he yells, "I love this song!"

When they young men/young women choir performed their number halfway through the second hour Anders turned to me and said, "I don't know this song...what is it?" I told him. He said "I want to sing it". I told him to go ahead and sing then. He repeated with a very accusatory tone, "I don't know it!" Apparently it was my fault that I hadn't taught him this song yet. To be fair though, it was a medley of "As Sisters In Zion" and "Army of Helaman". I hadn't considered "As Sisters In Zion" a necessary song as part of Anders limited repertoire at this point.

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