Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peanut Butter

Tonight we were doing our breakfast for dinner that we do every Wednesday night because it is Anders favorite. We do eggs and homemade hashbrowns first, followed by pancakes. David and Anders like to do peanut butter and syrup on their pancakes. Bram usually eats his plain.

Bram had finished all but a bite of his pancake. He squawked for David's attention. He then pointed to his bite of pancake and with two fingers just above the pancake, he acted like he was smearing peanut butter on it. It was incredible and very easy to immediately see that he wanted peanut butter on his last bite.

Anders got a haircut. I had to buzz off all his cute curls because his hair was looking pretty scraggly. I have been cutting it with scissors for the last eight months, and you could finally tell because it was so uneven everywhere. We needed to start from scratch again. I miss those gorgeous waves of his. He feels like a new kid and keeps on talking about what a big boy he is because of his haircut.

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