Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sidewalk Walking

Watching Bram discover the world and all it's wonders is my new favorite past time. Today it was finally warm enough to go for a walk without a stroller. It was Bram's first experience actually walking on his own on an outside walk.

When we got to the sidewalk, he was completely distracted by its texture. He was really hesitant to walk on it. It reminded me of when Anders was a little younger than Bram and hated the texture of grass. We would put him on it and he would immediately freeze, refusing to move until we would come grab him.

Bram was literally dragging his feet as I tried to get him to come on a walk with us. Gradually he warmed up to the feeling of the sidewalk (he was wearing shoes!) and started trying to copy his brother. Anders was jumping over cracks, and Bram would stop and grunt at a crack and then walk on with a very pleased squeak to applause himself afterwards.

He did not notice anything beyond the sidewalk. I am so excited to see him expand his horizons beyond the sidewalk this summer!

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