Sunday, March 2, 2014

Minion Fire

Anders has been playing the Minion game for iPad for a few minutes everyday the past week. We have also been fighting extreme coughs/colds this week. The coughs were bad enough that we had to put the humidifier in the boys room. 

Tonight, David had finished cuddling with Anders as part of our bedtime routine, and had joined Bram and I on our bed. Anders voice from the other room goes, "you forgot the minion-fire Dad!" David and I both were confused, and I was thinking "why was David playing the minion game with Anders during cuddle time?" Then it hit me that he was talking about the humidifier. I started to giggle immediately while David was still trying to figure out what Anders was talking about. It took a while to explain through the laughter. 

Bram turned off the television for me yesterday. He was so proud of himself, so I asked him to come give me a high-five. The request caught him off-guard, which resulted in a pretty awfully timed fall into the wooden part of our couch. He has a nasty bruise under his right eye, and that is AFTER we iced it for a half-an-hour immediately after it happened. Poor guy. Kharma. That's what he gets for wanting a high-five, greedy boy. (I joke.)

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