Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kid Dates

I had the opportunity to take Anders on a mommy-son date yesterday, and Bram on one today. They were in HEAVEN being with just me. Anders and I got to take pictures together in a really old photobooth. The backgrounds were two curtain choices behind us, and we had to decide if we liked how we were positioned in the glass covering the camera. It was ancient. But oh so fun! Anders carried the photo strip all the way home and insisted on taping it to his wall by his bed. We also got giant gummy bears as a treat.

Bram and I went clothes shopping for summer clothes. We went to an Oshkosh/Carter's store. I love this store. They have toy stations set up everywhere so your kids are entertained while you take care of shopping. Bram didn't want to leave. We also picked up Krispy Kreme donuts and listened to his favorite song, over and over again in the car. He kept telling me he was "happy". My other favorite thing he told me was when I was buckling him in the car. He said, "Mom, your hair is windy!" I started laughing and said, "You mean you see my hair blowing in the wind?". He replied, "Yeah. Your hair is blowing." It was so cute. I love my little men!

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