Sunday, March 23, 2014


Bram was trying to throw balls into an empty toy container and kept missing. Each time he missed (which was the majority of the time) he would dramatically exclaim, "oh my gosh."

I bought Anders his summer shirts and one of them says HIGH 5. I was showing the shirts to the boys and David when I got home and when I showed the HIGH 5 shirt, Bram came over and gave the shirt a high-five.

Today, Bram expressed his first ever absolute disgust for a food. David pulled out a big jar of pickles to snack on as part of his lunch. Bram was beside himself as he insisted David not eat the pickles and would scream for him to put them back in the jar as he pulled each one out. Then he would gag with each bite David would take. After each bite he would say, "yuck!" while pulling the face shown below. It was hilarious for us to watch. Especially since we didn't even offer any to Bram from the beginning. 

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