Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kid Logic

We got home from dropping David off at the metro station and came into the living room. Anders goes, "I smell someping yuck mom!" It was Camrose and it was a really gross, lingering smell. So I told him Camrose was stinky. He wanted me to make Camrose leave. The smell was strong enough that Anders could smell it through his stuffed up nose!

Then Anders went to the bathroom just now. He comes running back into the living room with his underwear and pants still at his ankles. He goes, "I flushed the toilet with my mouth, not my hands. I not touch it with my hands." His justification for why he didn't need to wash his hands.

I told Anders about how we were going trick-or-treating tonight. He asked what it was. I explained that he got dressed up in his costume and then he carried his pumpkin from door to door and people put candy in it. He looked at me like I was telling a fairy tale. Then he asked his dad, "I like it or no?" Lol. This is the first year he is going to do it so we don't really know, but I piped in from the other room and told him he was going to love it. He can't wait to go.

That kid is just too much! Lol.

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