Friday, November 1, 2013


Bram was the most adorable trick-or-treater, and not because of his costume. While he did make a really cute fireman, what set him apart was his attitude. He was glee on crack. He had constant high-pitched sqeals of glee and was stomping through any and all puddles in the drizzling rain. He would profusely thank the people at the doors without prompting and often yelled "bye!" Then he would run down the driveway and shout, "mommy! Mommy! Candy!" 

Anders was also pretty cute. He was good at saying "trick-or-treat" but had to be reminded to say thank you because he was so distracted by the fact that people were putting all sorts of treasures into his green pumpkin! It was the most amazing thing. Lol. So Anders loved it but was ready to go home and eat candy after twenty minutes.

Bram made it so fun for this pregnant and exhausted momma. I didn't start off in the best mood, but Bram was so cheerful and happy and adorable that I couldn't help but catch on to his enthusiasm and great attitude. 

We have our ward Halloween party tonight, so we will have pictures of the boys in their costumes to post later.

On another note, last night Bram said, "I wuv you mommy!" without any kind of prompting. I thought I was going to die. Sweet kiddo!

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